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Magnetic properties of hemoglobin

The other aspect of magnet influence on human health is considered on the biochemical body response, usually on the cell level of observation. In the world, the leading causes of death are strokes and heart attacks. They are often connected by high blood viscosity. The American Physical Society has published results of a study, Reducing blood viscosity with magnetic fields, in which blood exposed to a magnetic field (1.3 T) for a duration of ∼1 min can reduce viscosity by 20%-30%. After the exposure, the blood viscosity slowly, within couple of hours, returns to the original value. A magnetic field can maintain blood viscosity within the normal range; consequently, magnet technologies have potential for physical therapy and prevention.

It has been discovered that blood components responsible for oxygen transportation have magnetic properties.  American chemists Linus Pauling and Charles D. Coryell have found that red blood cells, known as hemoglobin, react to the magnetic field when they carry oxygen. The main reason for such behavior is iron (Fe). Hemoglobin contains 70% of the body's iron, which makes it more sensitive to magnetic fields than any other cells. Presence of magnetic fields can accelerate the blood flow, which is necessary in healing certain conditions. Mostly, this type of therapy can be used to alleviate painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fractures, chronic pain, fibromyalgia (a muscle condition that causes fatigue and muscle pain), headaches, and insomnia.

The International Journal of Biophysics has published the results of a study in which magnet therapy was used for wound healing. The conclusion was that magnet therapy accelerates the regeneration process to both diabetic and non-diabetic patients. Among others, magnet therapy can be used as a treatment and prevention for diabetic foot, a complex condition that occurs due to poor circulation which make it vulnerable to infections and occurrence of gangrene.

SBT Magnets

To reach the synergy between acupuncture and magnetism, SBT has developed SBT magnets. For best results of acupuncture, we have use specific form to achieve different lengths of magnetic forces. 

What is magnet therapy

Magnetic therapy is a kind of treatment in which magnets are used with the purpose of improving  overall wellbeing and treatment of certain conditions. 

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