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Acupuncture charts, books and tools.


What is acupuncture?

   Acupuncture is an ancient form of traditional Asian healthcare system, where pain and illness are seen as signs of bodily misbalance. This disbalance occurs when emotional, mental, and physical aspects of life are in disharmonious relationship. The focus of acupuncture is to restore the body’s equilibrium. Traditional acupuncturists describe acupuncture as a procedure that restores natural energy (Qi) that flows through the body and is responsible for overall health. Any disruption of this energy can cause illness and pain.

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The WHO lists

  The World Health Organization recognized 28 diseases, conditions, and symptoms in which acupuncture has been ‘proved (through controlled trials) to be an effective treatment’, and 63 other conditions and diseases that could get relief from acupuncture because its therapeutic effect has been shown. These are:

Acupuncture and the WHO

   Acupuncture has been in the interest of the World Health Organization for many decades. This organization has a series of meetings in the 80s, in which it has tried to put acupuncture on a firm scientific basis and create standards that would be accepted worldwide.

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Acupuncture history

 Acupuncture was first mentioned in China during the time of the yellow emperor Huang Di (黃帝) 2698–2598 BCE. He was the author of the oldest medical work in the world, Nei Jing. Chinese medicine and modern acupuncture is based on a copy of this oldest medical bible from the year 475.

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